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Proud to be GAY and proud to provide an entertaining and sensually relaxing service

Everyone deserves to be pampered every now and then, whether it is sensual or even therapeutic. Find out about our special packages and deals available, and make sure to like our Facebook page for even more surprises.


Not just any MASSAGE...

(New venue opening soon)

...a place where you can live out your fantasies, experience beauty, ENERGIZE your soul and find peace, TRANQUILITY and love...  Or just LUST with Arianxxx

Other services provided range from Male grooming, Facials, Chakra balance control, Reflexology and Meditation.

Also available as Chaperone (Guide/Escort) or a Friend in need...

also offering...

The perfect GIFT for your partner, friend, or family member... Romantic themed retreats, with a relaxing/sensual massage at any or most venues you desire... (Zoo, Menlyn rooftop, any where, possible... XXX